Bright Lives utilises the skills of our qualified tutors as well as the offerings of ASDAN to deliver an accredited course this demonstrates progression and independence. these skills are essential to develop the foundation required to move onto employment.

What is ASDAN? ASDAN is a pioneering curriculum development organisation and awarding body, offering programmes and qualifications that explicitly grow skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life. ASDAN offer a range of courses for different ages and types of learners.
What does it involve?
If you choose to enrol on an ASDAN course you will first be required to complete a ‘Starting Out’ booklet which gives us information about you such as your name and interests. You will then complete a series of activities and challenges for your chosen course. For each of these you must collect some evidence and keep this in a folder (for example photographs, witness statements, written/printed work). Once you have completed each of the activities and challenges, your folder of evidence will be checked by somebody from ASDAN.
Once it has all been checked, you will receive your well-deserved ASDAN qualification!

Bright Lives has become a specialist training college offering ASDAN courses in the following areas Supported by our commercial in house Kitchen.

Meal Preparation
Food Hygiene level 2
Sex and Relationships

We offer a range of ASDAN course as a fully accredited college with ASDAN. Currently we are focusing on a range of short courses to develop the skills of our candidate to demonstrate progression and a proven method to showing a range of outcomes. The candidate will be supplied with workbook as well as on completion a certificate supplied by ASDAN and a portfolio of the work completed during the course this is a great way to move towards your goals.

We teach our clients to work in a commercial kitchen through taking ASDAN training to develop the skills that will enable them to work in any commercial environment. we also support the student to take their food hygiene level 2