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The content of this Blog has been produced by the students that attend Bright Lives Social Enterprise.

Healthy Eating

Well with the festive season looming, we decided to tackle heathy eating with all our clients, we looked at types of food, good and bad, eating a balanced diet and exercise, once again fantastic enthusiasm was shown and we set a task including ourselves to produce a food diary so we could analyse our findings.

Great understanding was achieved and through conducting and educating our clients in all our sessions on this important subject we conducted a food tasting session using some alternative low fat food for them to try all our clients made some good diet changes.

It was so good to see giving our clients the knowledge and understanding that some small changes can and will make a difference.

Asdan Garden Project

As part of our Asdan Independent Living skills group, we all spoke about an idea for a project to teach us skills to work as a team. So we all decided to improve the look of the community garden here at Bright Lives.

We as a group with the support of our tutor Laurie went to the green grocers shop and chose some plants including Herbs, Carrots and Strawberries. We planted them in the trough bed and carefully planted based on the environmental requirements needed for them to grow and flourish.

We have planted flowers as well around the beds, so the garden looks colourful and we also learned how to maintain the garden and plants and placing wooden fences at the edges of each flower bed..

Through this we are learned about maintaining a garden working as a team and how to plant edible plants that can be used in recipes, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

This blog was produced by the students here at Bright lives another successful ongoing project improving the skills necessary for moving into independent living....

More Asdan more insiring by the group.....

As part of our ongoing asdan courses we covered the subject again, about keeping safe on line which is vitally important to the development of our groups independent living skills.... it never ceases to amaze me about what a fantastic group we have but covering this subject has shown me how important it is to educate others on this subject, knowledge is very important when discussing keeping safe on line.....the group came up with some real inspiring comments and it was great to hear the depth of their knowledge and understanding of this subject a great session.

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Asdan Sex and Realtionship Course/ Stranger Danger

During our session today 31/06/18 discussed the serious subject of stranger danger and looked at this subject in some detail and how it is important it is to be aware of the surroundings we can find our self in also the importance of strangers and who you can trust and who to keep clear of, we also discussed safe strangers and whom to go too in an a emergency, the group looked and discussed every aspect of this very important subject, and a fully understood it's importance, " a great session" , these sessions are on going and are vitally important to the personal development of our clients and will help towards their Asdan course modules.


Ongoing Asdan sessions Cyber Bullying

As part of our groups development as part of the Asdan Sex and relationship course we run on a Thursday morning we have as a been discussing cyber bullying and its effects on society today and the importance of understanding more about this subject.

The group after a short presentation by myself found it very informative and through discussion in the session, we looked at the effects and the dangers of cyberbullying and how to remain safe when using the internet. This subject worked well and allowed the group to develop the soft skills required when using their mobile phones and all other electronic devices.

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