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Asdan trip to Colchester Castle......

This morning as part of our independent living and our history month, we visited Colchester Castle, we saw lots of different things and even tried on some of the hats and clothing , we discovered and learnt a great deal about the Romans and what they did in their times. We even saw some Roman clothing, we also learnt about Boudica and what role she played in British History .

We as a group looked at all the Roman armour and artefacts displayed, this was very interesting and all the remains of some roman pottery also some the jewels that the romans brought to England .

We also looked at the Iron Age in Britain and the Stone Age period both very interesting and its history.

Another successful trip for the asdan group, we have this month covered quite a great deal towards the groups ongoing Independent living course looking at the History in our local area and using the field trips to improve interaction team work and confidence which is vital for all the groups on going Independence.

As the tutor for this Group it has been so nice to see the marked improvements in most of the groups confidence and team work, using the trips out has improved and demonstrated to me that embracing local attractions has helped with the groups personal development.

Asdan trip to Fingering hoe

Last Thursday afternoon we went out to the wildlife trust at fingering hoe wick to look at some of the

wildlife it has to offer. We observed one the Nesting swans sitting on their eggs by the river, a great afternoon walking talking and taking in the wildlife that this wonderful place has to offer .


Our Treasure Hunt Cudmore Grove Country Park...

Now the good weather has changed and summer is now here, our Tutor decided to test our team working skills and communication with an organised trip to Mersea Island to Cudmore grove Country Park to take part in a Treasure hunt....

So on Thursday 23rd may, yet again we had to take our learning outside because of the "polling station". Before reading on though we must stress that although we had fun our trip out made us think on our feet literally....

As a group we visited Cudmore Grove country park where unbeknown to us our tutor Laurie with the Support of our Emma hid stashes of little treats. We were tasked off in pairs and given a map of the park and a list of carefully thought out clues as to where our treasure was hidden, although we read the clues and thought we were on the right track, the treasure proved very elusive and we literally were worn out trying to retrieve our loot.

In the end we all made it back safe, unscathed and in our pairs we had gone in to form back our whole group again. Because of this we were rewarded our comical and sweet bounty well earned, owing to demonstrating effective teamwork, communication skills, Initiative and tenacity. We all had fun learning as well ( Tyler and Sam)

Scott and Chris

During last Thursday 23rd, we have done some treasure hunting in the country park. We did managed to do solving clues all around the park during the day, some of us didn't win but none of this is like a race to see who will win or lose.

Our day out Morning walk in Highwoods Country Park

With the local elections taking place we had to change our lesson plans for the day. During our morning session of which would usually be sex and relationships our tutor Laurie decided to take our learning outside as we all had an experience together, we went as a group to Highwoods Country Park in Colchester where we walked the nature trail together. it was a hot day and some of us found it hard to keep up at times though we learned through this how to work as a team and allow understanding and patience to help each other along the way.

We had a lovely morning overall walking out in the fresh air and spotting different wildlife including a dipping pond which we saw and we saw little tadpoles swimming around and some ducks as well who came to say hello, the vital importance we learned from this trip out was about relationships can take a form in a team with different people putting their skills together to help others to learn more skills and build a group of friends.

Asdan Sponsored walk in aid of RNLI.....

Last week on the 29th April, we completed our sponsored walk around Mersea Island, this was to raise money for RNLI life boat station in Clacton on sea , the weather on the day was windy but sunny, which made our walk very enjoyable. The walk completed on the day was a took us approximately 4 and half hours and we completed 11 and half miles. We were supported throughout by our Tutor Laurie.

This walk was as part of our ASDAN ongoing qualification about working as a team and raising money through an event, firstly we had to choose a local charity, so we decided the RNLI was a worthwhile charity to sponsor.

We found the walk challenging and hard work, but it was enjoyable, this made us realise that others put their lives on the line every day like the men and women of the RNLI so raising this money put it into perspective the importance supporting this charity.

As part of this sponsored walk we have raised the grand total £486.50 for a very worthwhile charity the Royal National Lifeboat Institute, we will be soon presenting the full amount to the local RNLI in Clacton On Sea.

Story and pictures to follow... this presentation

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