Bright Lives is a not for profit Community Enterprise Company that needs your help to fund our work with Learning difficulties. Bright lives specilises in Progression working with our students to help them realise their potential. Whilst we are self sustaining as a business we do rely on donations. Can you please help us achieve more, for our focused group. we currenty have the following Crowd funding activities, but also looking for legacies and donations.
Michael Jones Bright Lives C.I.C CEO
Bright Lives C.I.C has a requirement to purchase a Mini Bus for the purpose of transporting and picking up our clients from remote areas in Essex that are not easily accessible currently by our clients wishing to attend our centre. Furthermore with the pressure on funds to gain access to Education for this vulnerable group of people to give them the benefits of an Eduction as well as exposed them to skills that we can supply; previously not easily accessible without transportation a Mini Bus would make all the difference to their lives.
We know that this is is a massive fund raising campaign but a little will bring it closes to our reach.
Bright Lives C.I.C also conducts an number of Educational field trips throughout the summer months, currently transportation has been expensive to source having our own vehicle would make this accessible to a larger group of people, with wheel chairs as well as without to explore the countryside and various educational opportunities.
Molly has achieved so much from her our determiniation to overcome her medical problems, please see her work for sale and her story below
Bright Lives C.I.C
"My name is Molly and I go to Bright Lives Social Enterprise.

I am a young woman with several serious conditions, the most noticeable being Epilepsy and Conversion Disorder. Epilepsy is pretty well known but despite everything, mine is pretty poorly controlled. I still have at least one big seizure a month and many smaller ones more often. Conversion Disorder by comparison is a barely known condition. However it is incredibly debilitating, causing me at times to be paralysed from the waist down, and sometime lose my speech altogether.

I started visiting Bright Lives in December of 2014, and have been here for a little over a year now. I come twice weekly, and it's changed my life. When I started I could barely make decisions for myself, I had little to no self confidence, and no real skills. In the just more than a year since I began, I have had a huge boost in self confidence, I now know how to and often do make my own decisions, I take a more active role in the decisions about my care. I have also discovered a passion and skill. Sewing. I love it! My room is thrilled with things I have made and every item and project gives me great joy. Now Bright Lives have given me the opportunity to sell some of the things I’ve made, and what a wonderful opportunity it is. I can't thank the people at the centre enough for the change they have brought to my life.