Bright Lives Social Enterprise C. I. C. Has distinct and valuable role to play in helping create a strong, sustainable and socially inclusive enterprise. Our ethos is defined as a not - for - profit Social Enterprise based in Colchester.
A learning disability is not the same as learning difficulties, learning difficulties may be regarded as obstacles which make it more difficult for someone to learn and/or interact with other people, while learning disabilities have a significant impact on the person's development, and mean that they need help in order to understand information and to acquire skills and manage independently.
We support clients with a learning disability and learning difficulty into independent living and provide a variety of programmes that are diverse and inclusive, being tailored to the individual learning goals and destination pathway of the client in order to maximise their potential towards independence demonstrating outcomes that the individual can be proud of through formal certification as well as individual reports.

Support is provided to develop self-advocacy and social skills and the ability to function as independently as possible.  Our clients gain the confidence to make their own decisions, take personal responsibility for their own actions and gain knowledge of their rights as individuals. Emphasis is placed on developing effective relationships with others and taking responsibility for their own welfare and leisure time through the availability of local friendship groups this could lead to developing relationships with others utilising our dating agency "Essex Stars in the Sky": where appropriate.

Community access sessions concentrate on introducing and developing the skills for effective integration; road safety and the use of public transport to form an integral part of the work based living attributes.

In healthy living sessions, our aim is to work on a variety of topics including diet and exercise. We encourage healthy living and this is supported by our work within the community by teaching the skills needed to live more independently including keeping safe, cooking, basic cleaning, laundry, money handling and shopping. We have a number of cooking sessions supported by our extensive commercial kitchen Creative Cookery run twice a week as well as Cookery for the more able supported by a ASDAN Certification run every Thursday.
In our preparing for work skills; personal presentation concentrates on employability skills such as the choice of appropriate clothes for work, personal hygiene and interview techniques.