Molly & Tyler Blog

Introducing Tyler!

Hi my name is Tyler. I am a young man, however I was born as a female, this is called gender dysphoria, but this is something I don't really worry about any more because I know who I am and I am always open about the subject. The biggest hurdles in my life come as a result of my disabilities which are Autism, ADHD, and Borderline Personality Disorder. I also have a Rathkes Cleft Cyst located in my brain near the pituitary gland. This is not serious but it can grow so I have to have this monitored by way of an MRI scan. It can also cause imbalances of hormones, headaches, and difficulty regulating body temperature, for example I am always experiencing overheating as a result and it is very difficult for me to cool down.

Now I have something to look forward to and that is going to Bright Lives the social enterprise centre I go to aimed at people with disabilities and learning difficulties. I have been a part of Bright Lives for a little over a year now and in comparison to last year I have made so much progress and achieved a lot. I know this is partially down to my willingness to learn, but I also say that I don't know where I would be without Bright Lives. I started out with virtually no self esteem or confidence in myself, but this is slowly yet steadily returning with the staffs encouragement.

I enjoy making others happy and helping to promote their independence and help them realise their own potential and skills. All I wish for in life is to help and inspire other people like me to be able to go out into the world and achieve the best in their own ambitions. I like to do this by setting an example that you can learn and achieve anything you set your mind to.

Most importantly though, I would advocate for others like me if given the chance as I have had a bad start to life. To be their voice to say that everybody is a winner, but when a winner keeps going despite having to overcome continuous hurdles that last a lifetime, that winner becomes a hero.