Internet Safety Lesson

Today we did an internet safety lesson making posters, following on from last Thursday's lesson that was more detailed on this subject. Everyone was really good, with a lot of input and we all made our own posters about what we had learned across the two lessons. Everyone agreed we had all learned something, and unleashed our creativity making our posters. We each did it in our own way, and we will be displaying them on the wall in one of our walls.

Lucy Parsons Bright Lives Disco 30th June 2017

In the afternoon I sat with Molly. She showed me how to work the Bright Lives till properly and to give the correct change to the customers and tear the receipts

Molly Brooke: Bright Lives Disco Friday 30th June

Disco Till On Friday the 30th of June, I was on the duty of working the till for the disco at the bright lives disco, taking the money for entrance, and giving the correct change. I had Lucy sitting with me for the first time and I showed her how to work the till and tear the receipts correctly. We also had a good chat so the time passed quickly and before we knew it the time was at an end. I enjoy doing the till duty and find it relaxing.

Scott Greenhalgh Gardening Thursday 29th June 2017

We went on painting some oil on the benches, we have done the last two before we on the weed picking.

We did clearing off the weeds before straitening up around the flowers without damaging them.

Tyler St George Monday Club Monday 26th June 2017

I assisted Laurie and Rosie in the kitchen and I helped to serve lunches to the customers. I also helped to clean the kitchen loading and unloading the dishwasher, washing up. PPE was worn, health and safety and hygiene standards were maintained at all times.

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