Monday Crafts Class - Molly

Hey guys! So as you know I have been volunteering in the crafts class. Today, the crafts class tutor was away, so I was put in charge of coming up with a project and running the session.

The project I decided upon was a huge butterfly hanging mobile, made from painted collages they did the previous week. As each service user came in, I made sure to supply them with all their scissors, collages and butterfly templates. I also provided one service user with additional activities as she was unable to do cutting out. I therefore gave her paper and pencils to use, as well as some glue and gems so she could decorate cut out butterflies.

Throughout the session, everyone cut out and decorated their butterflies, then chose their colour ribbons to hang their butterflies off towards the end of the session. After that Tiffany assisted with a glue gun in sticking the butterflies to the ribbons of choice, which we then assisted the service users in tying them to the hoop.

We completed the mobile with a giant butterfly hanging in the middle, and got the boss to hang it from the ceiling, where it swirls in the breeze.

Why don't you try!

After volunteering for a few months at Bright Lives, I can confidently say that it has been a thoroughly rewarding experience! Quite apart from learning new skills such as till work, improving my creativity further, and how to guide and teach a group of people in a crafts class, the boost in confidence and self esteem has been huge. I now feel better about myself, more confident in assisting people, and in standing firm on my conclusions and decisions. While I found the till work my most relaxing job, in fact assisting during the crafts class is when I felt a realisation of fulfilment and purpose. Helping others with disabilities learn a new skill themselves, while also having fun, was full of enjoyment, was the most gratifying experience. I can happily say that the skills, confidence and self esteem I have achieved are now being implemented in my personal life without me even realising it. I now have the determination and courage to take the next step in my life and to independence, by researching the matter of moving out of my mother's house into motion. This has been a big, but smooth learning curve and has also been highly enjoyable. In my opinion everyone should try volunteering at least once, as you learn so many new skills, meet lots of new people, and gain plenty of confidence and experience, making it a highly rewarding period of time.

Internet Safety Lesson

Today we did an internet safety lesson making posters, following on from last Thursday's lesson that was more detailed on this subject. Everyone was really good, with a lot of input and we all made our own posters about what we had learned across the two lessons. Everyone agreed we had all learned something, and unleashed our creativity making our posters. We each did it in our own way, and we will be displaying them on the wall in one of our walls.

Lucy Parsons Bright Lives Disco 30th June 2017

In the afternoon I sat with Molly. She showed me how to work the Bright Lives till properly and to give the correct change to the customers and tear the receipts

Molly Brooke: Bright Lives Disco Friday 30th June

Disco Till On Friday the 30th of June, I was on the duty of working the till for the disco at the bright lives disco, taking the money for entrance, and giving the correct change. I had Lucy sitting with me for the first time and I showed her how to work the till and tear the receipts correctly. We also had a good chat so the time passed quickly and before we knew it the time was at an end. I enjoy doing the till duty and find it relaxing.

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