Our Sessions

Bright Lives is set up as a transition centre to enable our customers to identify new skills further developing these to enable a fuller more exciting life with lots of opportunities being presented previously not readily accessable.

What makes us different to a Day Service?

Bright Lives is a transition centre sitting between a traditional day service and a college to develop and learn the skills required to grow towards independent living and all the benefits this can offer.

How do we do this?

We offer outcome based activities with continuous assessment and outcomes for each session personalised to maximise the skills of the individual.

Bright Lives C.I.C is a specialist transition training centre offering training to support the needs of the Care Act 2014 education that delivers a route to independence and employment, please find below the roadmaps that we have developing for training our students. We have developed two bundled packages to help support our services, however these can also be unbundled.
I have attached the routes to training:
·          Route to Employment 

Volunteering, Volunteering experience with Bright Lives
Careers and Experiencing work
Sex and Relationships
Money Skills and travel training.

·      Route to Independent Living

Meal Preparation and cookery:
Dinner Club
Living independently
Sex and Relationships
Money Skills and Travel Training


I would hope that these will help with your presentation to support the costs. With these important offerings, we meet and support the needs of the Care Act 2014 towards independence as well as education, at a very affordable price point.

We can also offer other courses subject to the academic standard of the individual, namely PSD (Personal Social Development) and Employability. We also can unbundle courses to meet the individual students needs.
Route to Employment  - Click Link for details

 Route to Independent Living - Click Link for details

How do we demonstrate outcomes?

We offer ASDAN course’s, Bright Lives utilises specialist teachers to facilitate progression in a friendly progressive manor.

We also offer written progress reports to support the conversations at review times for the individual.